Celebrating E-library Winners

11 Mar

Celebrating Labor Day by kthyprn on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Today’s Winner is Julie Jordan Scott.  You can check out her website Julie Unplugged and give her a high five.

Okay, this being my first giveaway means I’m learning as I go and I suspect spam filters may be coming between me and the winners. So I’m going to announce them by the name they commented under.  If it’s you, check your spam filter. I’m sending another email this morning. If it’s someone you know, give them a poke and tell them to get in touch with me. Their comments don’t have links so I can’t track them back to a website.

And the two winners in waiting are:

Inigo Montoya

I use yahoo mail.  Stick nara_malone in the front and you can e-mail me. Happy e-reading everyone!


One Response to “Celebrating E-library Winners”

  1. Yvette Davis March 12, 2010 at 2:03 am #

    Hey, that looks like MY bottle of Seagram’s he’s got there! Give it back you nutty squirrel! Or is that a chipmunk? I can never tell. Sigh…

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