Another #ebookweek e-library winner

13 Mar

Nara Malone

Jeniffer Mathis is our newest winner.

I sent this post early this morning from my iPod Touch. Either it’s a better e-reader than a blogging tool, or I just haven’t blogged from it enough to do it properly. I’m blaming it on the iPod.

I am just home from the VRW Chapter meeting and I’m ready blog away for this last day of Read an E-book week.

Suzanne commented (on my Glamourus Author Life post) that she bought my book, The Tiger’s Tale, and finsished, and wants to see more. Thank you for that Suzanne. It means a lot to me to hear feedback from everyone. I really apreciate all the comments on the posts this week and hope all of you will keep dropping by from time to time. I’ll be able to chat back in comments. I can’t comment back much right now without creating a pile of my own comments to weed out before each drawing. But I’ve got some time today and it’s the last day so I’ll be out there in the cooments with you.

After I got kicked out of the beauty shop  so they could close up, I wasn’t able to get a coonection, but that’s fine. We’ll make up for it today.


2 Responses to “Another #ebookweek e-library winner”

  1. Dana March 13, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    I love the drinking squirrel picture. I like your blog and will keep hanging out with you. I plan to get yor book next week, when I get paid.

  2. Cathy M March 14, 2010 at 12:40 pm #

    Big congrats, Jeniffer.

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