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Life as a Quickie

11 May

A rose by Dani Gama on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I’m blogging at Nine Naughty Novelists today. Or rather, character Jacques Bond (the blogging bondage chef) is blogging about the quickie lifestyle we live and what it cost him.

He’s looking for recipes on how to make a special memory with someone you love. Drop by and leave him one in the comments.

Also, if like me you had trouble finding the new location for Carry on Tuesday, look no more.
Carry On Tuesday # 52


Night Owl Reviews: The Tiger’s Tale

7 May

Thank you, Delenn.


“The Tiger’s Tale”, was an extremely imaginative, highly erotic tale of a society of feline shape-shifters on the verge of extinctions.

I loved that Ms. Malone included very detailed descriptions of the animalistic aspects of the feline species, while adding her own variations of the mating ritual.”

You can see the rest of the review here.

Runaway Blues

5 May

Pansy by Jonathan Gill on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Against the backdrop of a rainy day
vibrant colors pierce the gloom
escape petals and hum
electrifying moist air
only to be recaptured
imprisoned on canvas
by an artist’s eye

This post is in response to the Three Word Wednesday prompt. See what others wrote.

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