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23 Sep

Drawing — Face by Nara Malone

She lived in a faceless world,
unable to discern the beautiful from the ugly, family from strangers, her own face in a photo.
A scientific breakthrough rebooted her visual processor, revealing faces in intricate and unique planes, angles, shadows.
Still she wondered, how is it that every face isn’t thought beautiful, a living artwork.

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Cook Naked: Spaghetti Aussie Style (via )

23 Sep

Three ways to win steamy reads at my Cook Naked Column this week. Bond and Rhian Cahill are steaming up the kitchen with the down under version of an old favorite.

Cook Naked: Spaghetti Aussie Style spaghetti and boobs by rick on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Bond: Today we talk pâtes, pasta as you say, or more precisely — spaghetti. I know what you think. You say: How can spaghetti be sexy? Everything to do with food is sexy. Who here hasn't seen Lady and the Tramp? What woman doesn't know every man is a tramp within, waiting for the right woman to steal his heart and bring an end to his wild rogue ways? Now we think of spaghetti as an Italian d … Read More


A little to the left, please! (via )

22 Sep

I’ve been working feverishly the last couple of weeks to get the blog launched. We’ve got some great articles and contests over there this week. Today author Heather Howard asks what floats you boat in a love scene. Commenters are entered to win a copy of her erotic novel, Stairway to Heaven.

A little to the left, please! When I first embarked upon the wild waters of the internet back in '92 as a wee girl still in elementary school, one of the first things I wanted to know about was sex. SEX! my almost-adolescent brain shouted at me. (I am assured this is entirely normal.) Sex sex sex SEX SEX SEXSEXSEX– Though it is hard to discern the particular nuance my brain was getting at through mere text, rest assured my brain merely wanted to know… just what the hell is … Read More