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How I Used Writing Contests to Skip over the Slush Pile (via )

21 Dec

I’m blogging at today on how to use contests to motivate your writing and get in front of editors.

How I Used Writing Contests to Skip over the Slush Pile Like many writers, whenever I saw a falling star, all my wishes were for getting that first publishing contract. It is such a long road from those first words on a page to published novel. You hear the stories of how other writers submit to dozens of publishers before they get that first break. With average response times of six months to a year, and everyone saying no simultaneous submissions, you could be as old as as one of those falling stars … Read More



Gift to the World from Playing for Change

17 Dec

Playing for Change is an organization that brings the world together through the music of talented street musicians. They travel the world compiling each artist’s contribution to an individual song and the results are moving. The world’s most gifted street musicians join John Lennon to bring you Imagine as their holiday gift to the world.

This post is a contribution to G-Mans Friday Flash 55. I’m bending the rules a bit here. It’s 55 words, not a flash story but a Flash video. Happy Holiday’s 55 gang. Drop by and G-Man’s site and see what others posted.


8 Dec


Nightfall puts another day to bed.
I meditate by the fire,
Letting judgments float up,
and away, in curls of smoke.

Beside me the orange tabby purrs.
The earth slowly turns toward tomorrow,
Drawing a blanket of stars around us.
We watch from the safety of our illusions.


This post was written as a contribution to Three Word Wednesday. Check out what others wrote or try one of your own.