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Recipe for Getting Leid (via )

13 Jan

I’ve been busy getting leid these first few days in Hawaii.

Recipe for Getting Leid By the crack of great bodies against the glass sea and the plumes of whales spouting  I've been leid. By  cumulus clouds collaring a rainbow in ruffles and lace  I've been leid. By the harmony of coqui and surf at night, by liquid bird song at dawn  I've been leid. By Pele draping Kilauea in wreaths of red ribbon  I've been leid.  By the purr of a kitten,  glide of fur, caress of a tail threading between my ankles  I've been leid. By warm brown a … Read More



A Recipe for Change (via )

6 Jan

When things get overwhelming the smart thing to do is run away…

A Recipe for Change Since we're going to talk about change today, I'll change things up, leave the Bond persona on the shelf and do this recipe myself. It's been a year now since I signed my first publishing contract. It's like having a new baby — I thought I knew what I was in for, but I was not prepared for how completely this new addition to my life could take over and run me. In the mean time, just to keep me on my toes, life keeps serving up a random crisis ev … Read More