Books by Nara

Beginning with the most recent…

Snatch Me

Sex Bytes  Romance


Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave.


Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch

An Adventure Game

Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch

Coming soon from Orchid Games.


The Dungeon Gourmet

BDSM Romance


The Marquis de Bond blogs about cooking and kinky sex. While it may be easy to blog about sensual domination, applying it in real life has challenges. Recipes for love don’t follow plans. New ingredients show up unannounced, other ingredients turn stubborn and refuse to be what they are.

Sarai’s free-spirited submission drives Bond crazy but captures his heart. Sarai doubts the survivability of a relationship forged in fantasy. To prove her wrong, Bond invites the one man capable of stealing her away to join their sex play.

Now all three will discover if two dominant men are a recipe for love…or war.

Available now from Ellora’s Cave.Click here for an excerpt and here for The Dungeon Gourmet purchase page on the publisher’s site.


The Tiger’s Tale

Shapeshifter Romance


Never quite fitting in, Marie has always struggled with her identity. Adam has shown her just how sensual she can be, but despite this awakening she still doesn’t feel complete. That’s because she’s not. Orphaned at birth and raised by humans, practical Marie has no idea of her dual heritage as tiger and woman, or the role she must play to save her species.

When Adam discovers that his alluring girlfriend is not only a Pantherian tiger but carries unique genetic traits that could save their species, he asks Ean to join them as the third partner in the traditional Pantherian mating triad. With the future of the species at stake, the sexy shifters have only one week to convince her that not only is she a tiger, but she must mate with both men to save the Pantherians from extinction.

Available now from Ellora’s Cave. Click here for an  excerpt and here for The Tiger’s Tale purchase page on the publisher’s site.



BDSM Romance

Screenshot-EBC_FreeRead_Owned.doc (owned1.pdf).png

An experimental flash Fiction Novel written as a free read for the Romance Diva’s E-book Challenge Owned


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