Mist the Oak Tree by wabberjocky

Here are snippets and links to some of the poems I’ve posted here on the blog. Click the link below the snip to see the full post.

I heard a chuck-will callthrough the dark of morning,his song never failingeven as the first lightmade ghosts from last night’s rain.

Poetry Train: Widow’s Waltz « Nara Malone

The last layer frustrates
He wants to tear it away like wrapping from a present I want to weld it in place like so much armor

Poetry Train: The Last Layer « Nara Malone

1. Wanted: One Toad 

I know, right where I lost him, the exact moment he slipped from my fingers,landed on his head, and shattered our lives.

One Single Impression: The Stranger « Nara Malone

I never feel so humble, or so human, as when I toss my message-in-a-bottle into the vast sea of words that is the Internet.

Human Scribbles « Nara Malone

I attack thick rind, Pierce rubbery armor with my nails. It parts on a ripping sigh. Droplets sprinkle my nose and cheeks, Sting my eyes.

Indulgence « Nara Malone

Logic bends back on itself, the way day bends back into night. Night yawns into darkness as infinite as cyberspace, where my words spread out in lines that loop back on themselves, rerunning thoughts through the human processors of life’s infinitely looping program.

One Single Impression: Recursive Logic « Nara Malone


One Response to “Poetry”

  1. Jeeves August 15, 2010 at 6:41 am #

    Like all of them, esp one posted for One Single Impression

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